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Did you know that your Vehicle's Speedometer and Odometer are not as accurate?

Some Contele Tracker customers may notice a slight difference between the Vehicle Odometer and the Tracker Odometer in the system.

This is because the way odometers are calculated is different.

See the video we recorded, showing in practice the reason for this difference:

In the video, the following comparisons were used:

Vehicle odometer;
GPS navigation in the car;
Mobile application;
Google Maps;
Tracker control;

Contele Tracker uses GPS coordinates, while Vehicle uses wheel rotation sensor.

Many factors influence the Vehicle's Odometer to be less accurate, such as tire calibration.

In the speed measurements we found up to a difference of 3% and in the distance measurements (odometer) the difference was 0.7%.

Attention: This difference is between distances, and this calculation should not be done considering the total value of the Odometer.

The actual maximum speed determined by Contele Tracker was also very accurate.

This is very important, as the system has a feature that warns the Exceeded Speed of your drivers .

See more Ordinance No. 115 of Inmetro.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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